History of Head-to-Head Racing

Head-to-head racing is the most spectator-friendly and racer-competitive ski race format there is. It features round-robin dual slalom "drag-racing" on a course with race gates and two small pro jumps.

In 1998, a few ski-racing friends wanted to join forces to produce a head-to-head race series in Alberta. Greg Scott, President of Alberta Alpine at the time, plus Jim Read and Rob Bosinger, both Olympians and CAST alumni, all loved head-to-head racing. Adventure Marketing worked with the group to create the Head-to-Head Alpine Ski Series. The Pro-Am event has been dubbed different names over the years, but after the sad and sudden passing of Rob Bosinger in 2005, it will forever be known as the Bozocup.

The Bozocup head-to-head race is sanctioned by Alpine Canada and Alberta Alpine. It meets all FIS slalom standards and is officiated by an appointed Technical Delegate.