The Rob Bosinger Memorial Weekend raises money for two important causes: annual scholarships for two talented youth ski racers and donations to The Canadian Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes (SADS) Foundation.

About Our Scholarship Program

The Rob Bosinger Ski Scholarships are awarded to one young male and one young female ski racer each year to assist with the costs of ski racing. The scholarships, $2,500 each, are the largest in Canada for the U16 age group.

The winners of the scholarship will be U16 ski racers who exemplify the qualities that Rob stood for: passion for the sport, ambition and courage, combined with talent and accomplishment in pursuit of excellence in ski racing in Alberta.

You can find more information and apply for a scholarship on the Alberta Alpine website. If you're interested in donating to our scholarship program, please contact us.

Past Winners


Mr. Jesse Kertesz-Knight - Jasper

Miss Britt Richardson - CAR

Mr. Benjamin Damant - Jasper Ski Club
Miss Kaitlyn Fynn - CARC

Mr. Daniel Harrison - Nakiska Alpine Ski Association (NASA)
Miss Tora Hoshizaki - Nakiska Alpine Ski Association (NASA)

Mr. Logan Dunn - Kananaskis Alpine Ski Club
Miss Cassidy Gray - Team Panorama Ski Club

Mr. Jamie Casselman - Team Panorama Ski Club
Miss Abby Harrison - Kananaskis Alpine Ski Club

Mr. Carson Cook - Snow Valley Ski Club Edmonton
Miss Amelia Smart - Team Panorama Ski Club

Mr. Keegan Sharp - Team Panorama Ski Club
Miss Alexandra Burke - Lake Louise Ski Club

Mr. Jared Topham - Kananaskis Alpine Ski Club
Miss Georgia Burgess - Banff Alpine Racers


Mr. Mike Gillespie - Banff Alpine Racers
Miss Hannah Melinchuk - Rabbit Hill Ski Club

Mr. Jeffrey Putnam - Banff Alpine Racers
Miss Jenna McIntyre - Lake Louise Ski Club

Mr. Tony Naciuk - Edmonton Ski Club
Miss Logan Thackray - Banff Alpine Racers

Mr.  Michael Law - Banff Alpine Racers
Miss Tianda Carroll - Jasper Ski Club

Mr. Filip Gigic - Kananaskis Alpine Ski Club
Miss Vanessa Alboui - Kananaskis Alpine Ski Club