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The Kindercup features more head-to-head racing in an exciting round-robin dual slalom drag race. Reformatted for this year, the event will include pro-size jumps in all races. Racers are guaranteed two runs.

kindercup 2019  results!

U16 Boys
1. Ben Wallace
2. Nathan Sylvestre
3. Campbell Daines

U16 Girls
1. Britt Richardson
2. Kaitlynn Fynn
3. Alexandra Hart

U14 Girls
1. Sierra Coe
2. Shae O’Brien
3. Katie Smith

U14 Boys
1. William Steed
2. Ian Pretorius
3. Pete Christofferson


  • U14 and U16 boys and girls, club and non-club members with insurance

Note: Participants over the age of 16 are invited to compete in the Bozocup in the Pro or Amateur men’s divisions or the Open or Amateur women's divisions. A parent or guardian must sign child’s waiver at registration.



  • Great prizes for all races

  • Race in costume! We give prizes for best costumes.




Helmets are mandatory for all races!

Registration closes Wednesday, March 28, 2019

Find out more about the history of head-to-head racing.